Why do we recommend Qustodio? First of all, it is easy to set up and use, and works on almost all platforms including iOS, in which most filters are not successful in filtering well. It is currently the best filter for iOS platforms, iPhone, iPad, iPod, so if you need to filter any of these devices, we would highly recommend this filter. Qustodio is able to monitor social media activity including Facebook & turns on safe search in YouTube. It has the ability to track all text messages, user history, and has the ability to block specific apps, contacts, etc if necessary. It also features a daily or weekly (depends on your preference) reporting feature, which is emailed to the account holders email address and gives an overview of the past day/week and shows blocked/questionable activity. 

This is not an accountability software due to the fact that it cannot send the reports to more than the account holders email address. The cost is very reasonable for use on multiple devices. We would encourage you to install an accountability app on your devices as well, in addition to using Qustodio, for greater accountability in the instance where you are the administrator.

  • 5 Devices
  • Track Calls & SMS for Android and iOS
  • Locate Family
  • Reports, alerts & SOS
  • Set Time Limits
  • Monitor Activity
  • Filter Content & Apps
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