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Why do we recommend NetSpark? It is one of the best content filtering applications available. NetSpark is a Jewish owned Israeli company and since the Jews have similar values to that of the plain community in the area of modesty, NetSpark was created out of a need for an excellent filter. NetSpark uses artificial intelligence (AI) to inspect videos, images and text on demand when surfing the web. NetSparks AI filtering is so advanced, that it can tell the difference between men & women, and will take out pictures based on the percentage of nudity. Another great feature is its ability to allow certain categories but block questionable images that may show up when searching this category (for example, the medical field). While it is a bit more expensive than other filters, because you pay for each device, they have recently released a combo license that does make it a bit more affordable. It is also slower than most filters because Israel does not have internet speeds like the USA, however, NetSpark is committed to improving this. It is a great filter for anyone struggling in the area of pornography. The NetSpark filter works on all devices, except Mac computers, but with enough demand, they will include these devices as well. It works well on sites like Amazon, Fox News, and even YouTube. This is not an accountability software and does not offer reporting. 

  • Share Prevention
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Manage Websites
  • Real Time Filtering
  • 5 Managed Devices
  • Removal Protection
  • Find Device Location
  • Manage Apps & Games
  • Screen Time Management
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