Why do we recommend Mobicip? This is a very good option that filters the internet through their own safe browser app. It does not monitor social media, such as Facebook, and if that is important, we recommend checking out Qustodio. Mobicip will actually filter individual videos within YouTube.com and covers questionable videos with its own thumbnail image. Mobicip also allows users to request access to blocked websites, in which the administrator can then choose whether or not to grant access. The cost is also reasonable for use on multiple devices. You may want to install an accountability app on your phones for greater accountability, in addition to using Mobicip, as reporting features are somewhat limited.

  • App Blocker
  • Family Locator
  • Lock All Devices
  • Website Blocker
  • YouTube Monitor
  • Activity Schedules
  • 5 Managed Devices
  • Daily Screen Time Limits
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