Business Filtering

The recommended way to filter the internet in a business, is by placing a web filtering device (almost like a router) on the internet as it comes into the facility. This is the preferred route, because it filters all devices connected to this internet source, and allows you to control all devices connected through wired or wireless internet. It also eliminates the continual maintenance factor in downloading updates and software on multiple computers, however, keep in mind this only filters the devices connected to this internet connection, and will not filter the internet on devices using a mobile connection. Although this route may cost you at least $500-$2000 per year, there are other benefits besides filtering which include:

  • A great first line of defense for blocking websites that support phishing, or distribute spyware or viruses.
  • No need to fiddle with proxy settings.
  • Easily create and maintain your own lists of allowed websites or file types (whitelisted) or blocked websites or file types (blacklisted).
  • A firewall that provides a greater level of security.

We recommend you check the pros & cons of UntangleBarracudaCompass Security ApplianceOpenDNS, and Fortinet for business/organization filtering options. If you have any other questions, we recommend you contact a local computer store that supports this idea, to help you with your needs. Below are some businesses in the South Eastern, PA area that can help you with business internet filtering.